Natalia Skoczylas Berlin-Curator, Contemporary, Journalist, Urban Game Designer and Crossfitter.

Posted By: Eric Smith In: Fitness On: Monday, September 23, 2019

Laying foundation to an exciting future through her uniquely crafted events; a thought leader on art, music, sport and travel.

How long have you been curating events in and around Berlin?
I have experience producing, curating and organizing all kinds of events for about 10 years.

Can you talk about your Contemporary Art Festival Endlich?
The idea is that it is an art festival which will feature photography art projects of all kinds, performative arts, visual arts, and workshops. One of our goals is to offer visions for the future through art-constructing a narrative for the world we want to live in.

Staged at an abandoned electric plant in Steglitz, Berlin with over 70 artists coming from all the continents, it is a festival of utopias and positive visions of the future. It is pretty massive.

How did you find the artists to participate in such an innovative event like this?
Many of them are my friends. I've being living abroad for many years-traveling around meeting people and since I work with culture and the arts I've developed a really big network.

Does your Artist Run Alliance intertwine with the festival?
Yes-we are lucky in that many of the artists are exploring these directions. Some of them need a little bit of guidance, but even with this-these fit pretty nicely together.

What has been your experience working with urban game designers?
I am managing a school program that is nurturing urban game designers. A bit of a game designer myself-I did a thing for an art festival a couple of years ago which was quite successful. I organized an urban game which had about 1000 participants-surprising us that is was such a success; it garnered coverage from all over national media. Since then I was asked by a friend to join him at school preparing training for urban game designers-building a community of experts who support each other turning this passion into a sustainable activity.

What is an urban game? What is it like?
It's any type of game you play in public places. It depends on the designer of course. It could be a performative game to drum beats for example. People may rent an entire supermarket and stage it for different activities; or you can arrange it outdoors with different obstacles and challenging interaction that help your discover the space in ways that you would not do so normally. It's really interesting and very hard to make as a viable business but we've managed and believe it has transformative potentials as well.

You've also worked with the Museum of Music Instruments in Indonesia-what is that all about?
This was a museum I curated kind of by accident. I was working in Indonesia and was invited by the owner as a music journalist: he did not have many connections in Europe with people who deal with music and he hired me as curator. I collaborated with my friends again-who live all over Europe and know about music from the countries-to pull off a collection instruments of about 300 pieces. A curation which I did also have to produce-figuring out the transporting of the items to the museum-some of which were quite large-church organs, grand pianos, etc. So I have done that for the past two years.

It was also very interesting the research, learning about all these different instruments and their origin country traditions. It was a huge and difficult challenge but it worked.

And Dinner for Losers-what was the concept for this event?
We do this with my friend who is a theater director. It is a performative event composed of different rituals with props as conversation tools to help engage attendees to talk to each other. We pull this all together and each time make sure it is set in a beautiful space.

You mentioned earlier being an athlete...what sports do you like to do?
In general, so many things. But when I work out-cross fit. I like to lift weights.

You have a lot of interesting ideas and we are excited about future collaborations.
I love doing sports. I love music. I love going out with friends. Contemporary arts and yes of course.


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