Suite Los Caprichos de Goya Performance

Posted By: Eric Smith In: Dance On: Monday, December 10, 2018

Erizonte-Suite Los Caprichos de Goya Performance

Erizonte is an experimental rock band founded in 2002 and uses symphonic tones, electro acoustic instruments and other sound elements created especially for their projects. The band plays live the electro-acoustic Suite Los Caprichos de Goya together with Scud Hero and other artists.

Come see the experimental performance of Erizonte which combines dance, music and video into a enthralling show inspired by the etchings of the Spanish painter Francisco de Goya (1746 - 1828). The performance includes the projection of the 80 prints, tackling topics such as the abuse of the power, the clergy, gender violence, prostitution and superstitions, all surrounded by a bestiary of witches and fantastic creatures.


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