Guide to Survive with Amandine Poli from Brussells

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Improve Energy with Cuisinothérapie

What was your inspiration for writing the Guide To Survive?

The Guide to Survive was written to provide a healthy, easy, and fast alternative for people who want to improve their diet-health conscious people, those celiac intolerant or allergic to gluten and other cereals, athletes and children.  In fact this book is for everyone.

My lifestyle is very rhythmic so I imagined easy, fast, gourmet recipes around playlist music and inspirational quotes. I wanted a complete book-playful and engaging.  At this moment I am writing the second edition to the guide.

Guide To Survive

How did you develop expertise in the area of gastronomy for health and fitness?

I come from a family of gourmets.   My grandfather was a chef and had a hotel restaurant in Normandy with 1 Michelin star.  I grew up in the kitchen and watched my mother prepare meals using organic products.   She also raised fruits and vegetables in our kitchen garden.  And I was fortunate to have a family concerned about the fragile balance of our planet.  

Cooking is instinctive for me.  My recipes come out of imagination.  I love to create and have friends who taste and give me their opinion on recipes which allow me to better target what people expect in a cookbook.  I also collaborate with chefs.  As for fitness I have always practiced riding in competition, swimming, bodyboard and biking.  I am a sports enthusiast-it is essential to keeping my balance.  I follow various formations including Piloxing Barre and stay active with Bodytech fitness center, which allows me to work with sports coaches daily and therefore stay in good condition.  I practice 5 hours of sport per week-plus my horses that I ride 6 days out of 7 and continue to practice horse riding during international jumping shows. 

Speak about your experience with Celiac Disease?

I discovered my illness 10 years ago, after suffering a lot for 15 years.  Today I am well, no more pain thanks to my very strict regime.  I collaborate with a doctor specialized in nutrition and in new technologies on well being and anti aging.  He makes permaculture on his property in the south of Spain and is the one who signed the prologue of the survival guide.  This guidance trains and informs me of new scientific advances in nutrition. it also allows me to be closer to my patients and have the right information to continuously improve my concepts.

When did you start noticing there was a problem? 

The first symptoms started when I was 15 years old.  The doctors/gastroenterologists never correctly diagnosed my illness.  I had an upset  stomach and was always bloated.  I suffered from severe mental depression, would frequently be very tired, in a bad mood, have joint pain and itchy skin.  I also lost a lot of hair, had regular vomiting and suffered from anorexia because I felt better without eating because-not knowing what I could eat and not make me sick. This time was very difficult.

What were the symptoms and what did you do to help relieve the symptoms?

10 years ago when I was diagnosed with celiac disease I was in naturopathy school where I studied human biology and aromatherapy.  It was at this time that I decided to help people who have celiac disease, but also all people with food problems.  The concept of "Cuisinothérapie" was born-as a holistic approach to food health.

Do you agree gluten free is a relative new concept?  There was not much talk about this say 20 years ago. 

The gluten problem came at the end of the second world war.  It was necessary to feed more people economically and the food industry begin to transform the grain genetics "GMO".   The chromosome numbers of these cereals changed and our digestive system not recognizing the modified molecules started to defend against the ingested intruder; the immune system went on red alert resulting in the development of autoimmune diseases and allergies. Did you know in Italy, 1 in 3 people have celiac disease. It is important that we eat natural foods in the most basic and original form.

What do you think has changed?

Before there was processed food-we ate fruits and vegetables from our gardens.  Our grandparents had the chance to experience an era without multinational food production standards-which can make us sick.  The result we call the diseases of civilization. Many degenerative diseases, cancers and mental illnesses come from our new "modern" foods. We have changed agriculture from its original essence to the manufacture food with minimizing cost the priority.   We must return to basics. We must preserve the quality of our soils so that they can continue to feed us.  We must absolutely return to a culture of seasons with a passionate natural food culture.

Do you consider yourself a Chef?

I am a passionate cook who grew up among passionate chefs.  I will not be able to live without cooking.  I like to work the beautiful products of seasons, local products. I like to gather my friends around the table with a lot of love in our kitchen.  We are all professional chefs.

When did you start preparing meals for yourself and did you need any training?

I've always been cooking I just changed the way I cook.   I do not use cereals anymore except the ancestral cereals amaranth, millet, buckwheat, with lots of fruits and vegetables, konjac pasta, fruit juice and the freshest possible, seasonal, and organic ingredients.  It is the basis of food

I have a training in human biology, energy aromatherapy and I continue to train myself with the influence of passionate doctors.  We must continually keep abreast of new research in nutrition.

What are your favorite sports and how do you stay in good health?

I passionately love horse riding.  I am lucky to have provided training in coaching nutrition, mental concentration and improving energy to one of my most treasured international clients-Pilar Lucrecia Cordon who I helped represent Spain in the Rio Olympics.  As schedule permits I collaborate with other world riders who need similar. 


I also love to swim, body board, stretch and exercise daily to stay in top form.

What do you like to eat before participating?    

Generally I fast throughout the day-taking my first meal around 1pm.  I do sports in the morning to effectively manage my glycogen levels.  In competition, I like to eat a lot of green vegetables, almonds and naturals cereal 4 hours before the competition.

Please explain Cuisinothérapie?

Cuisinothérapie aims to explain how their body works-bringing into harmony the body and mind within a given environment.  It explains in theory and practice how to regain your food balance, boost your energy and optimize your natural defenses everyday.  My philosophy is to understand the causes of illness rather than their symptoms. Since the dawn of time the Chinese and Native Indians had the principles of restoring physical, moral and spiritual form through food.  And tt is widely known the benefits of Cretan cuisine.  The conventional idea of ​​"diet" implies restrictions and a lack of pleasure; I therefore prefer the spirit of personalized food rehabilitation. 

Energy: The New Paradigm MDT is a powerful course of action whose central essence is unconditional love, non-judgmental and free from fear. This system helps to regain personal power.  Participants to whose energies have been adversely affected-direct the person back to balance.   This cleans blockages of all kinds to allow rebalancing. These blockages can be physical, emotional, mental, energetic and multidimensional.

How might you help someone with your program? 

I work with the patients primary doctor along with their medical file-offering food recommendations to help improve the development and evolution of dietary health.  If the patient does not have a doctor, I refer them to my collaborator.  If they just come for a sports preparation like triathlon, bike, jumping etc. and I direct the nutritional menu.

Is it recommended for everyone? 

Yes, this method is suitable for all those who want to feel healthy and are ready to move on to the next level by feeding in consciousness.

What are the steps?

The stages are different in function of each person, of each objective I adapt myself to the patients. Each being is unique and it is important to respect this.

Do you offer subscription or enrollment service?

I can propose quite easy to make meals because I also work with Vidya Ayurveda which offers raw dishes according to each person and their food program. I have a Facebook page on which I leave recipes.  There is my first book and the second coming soon!