Rocío Vazquez Landeta Mexico City’s Queen of Good Food

Posted By: Eric Smith In: Gastronomy On: Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Eat Like A Local by following her on a food safari for the best in Mexican cuisine.

Tell me a bit about your background?

Well professionally, I have a background in advertising-having worked in advertising for 10 years.  And I studied Public Relations in college.  

My mom is a chef-so I grew up surrounded by food.  Basically, after I started the tour company-I took about a year to attend cooking school-focusing on preparation of Mexican cuisine.

Are you originally from Mexico City?

Yes, born and raised here.

What makes Mexico City a unique destination in your opinion?

I would describe Mexico City as the New York of Mexico.  We are very cultural and have everything you need in the same place.  That’s what makes us very special.  You have great markets, cool coffee shops, high-end restaurants, favelas; we have a forest where you can do enduro motorcycles, a lake…we have everything.  It’s a really cool city where you can find whatever you need.

We have stuff for every budget.  If you want to spend a lot of money you can go get sushi margate for $15 or you can go very cheap and find great tacos for $1.50.

For accommodations on the high-end we have the Four Seasons, at the low end we have hostels and everything in between.  

What made you start curating tours?

Basically I started training because different times when I took tours traveling-they were horrible.  And I didn’t want people to have to deal with that while traveling; dealing with all the scams, dealing with all the hidden costs, having pressures to buy stuff you didn’t want to buy and then being taken to touristy places instead of real places.

So when I came back from these trips-I decided to create-Eat Like A Local.

When did you start doing this?


Are there any particular neighborhoods you feel passionate about that make for a good experience for first-time visitors to Mexico City?

I would say Condesa-this neighborhood is pretty cool.  Where you have the hipsters, great street food and also markets.  It’s a safe and quiet area where when people come here they think it’s like Europe.  It’s very diverse.  You have a lot of book shops, galleries, lots of coffee shops…it’s a really cool area.

Do you think your tours would appeal to people into health and fitness?

Well, we have a vegan tour-its for the people in the healthy world. It’s run by a vegan chef who is also an expert in nutrition.

The focus of my main tours are good and you eat a lot-specifically for people who want to eat healthy.  The vegan tours is focused for people who want to eat healthy not based in wheat or soy; this tour focuses on fresh fruits, vegetables, and fermented items-so for people focused on health this one is amazing.

On my team-I only work with women who are chefs and they source ingredients from the best suppliers.  We have a market we work with that is like the Bloomingdales of food where you can find the healthiest products including snacks-and it’s how we created all these menus.  So for those into that this is perfect.